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FGC presents the prototype of the 112 series refurbishment

The reform of the series aims to extend the service life of the series to 45 years and bring it into line with the most modern trains.

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Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) presented the prototype of the 112 series refurbishment yesterday at the Rubí workshops.

Unit 112.01 was used for this purpose, and was visited by the Councillor for Territorial Planning, Ester Capella i Farré, accompanied by the President of FGC, Antoni Segarra i Barreto.

The 112 series refurbishment aims to extend the service life of these EMU’s for a further 15 years, to 45 years, and to equip them with the same services, comfort and design as the newest trains, the 115 series, which will be launched in December 2022.

The series 112 units are international gauge trainsets and have been running on the Barcelona-Vallès line since 1996, together with 19 series 113, 5 series 114 and 15 series 115 trains.

The FGC’s 112 series refurbishment, in images

The project, budgeted at 16.3 million euros, includes the complete refurbishment of the interior and exterior design of the 22 trains and the total renovation of the communications and passenger information system.

The interior of each train is intended to replicate the design of the 15 trains of the 115 series. The most visible changes include the removal of the glass barriers separating the seats from the door areas, the installation of information screens and USB connection ports, and renovating the spaces for people with reduced mobility.

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