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CPTM retires the last 2100 series trains

They entered service in 1998 on the São Paulo railway after a more extensive refurbishment than the rest of the series.

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Renfe’s 440 series trains are now history in Brazil. CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) has decommissioned the last two trainsets of the company’s 2100 series.

In 1997, the company agreed with Renfe the purchase and refurbishment of 48 440 EMU trains to modernise the rolling stock of this suburban rail network. The refurbishment of the trains was similar to that of the Spanish and Chilean networks, with some modifications.

The most noteworthy were the change of track gauge to 1,600 mm, the widening of the doors, their adaptation so that they could use high platforms and the installation of seats of the Arianne model by the Spanish company Fainsa.

Interior de un tren de la serie 2100 de CPTM. JONES.
Interior of a CPTM 2100 series train. JONES.

CPTM’s 2100 series, 26 years of “Spanish trains” in Brazil

They entered service in April 1998 and throughout their useful life, CPTM’s 2100 series has served on lines 7, 9, 10 and 11. However, as the company acquired new trains that were more appropriate for a railway with many stops, they were gradually withdrawn from service.

The last service they have been running is the Expreso on line 10, according to the Brazilian website Viatrolebus. After several months of being out of service, CPTM confirmed to Viatrolebus that the last two operational trains were in the process of being decommissioned.

Apart from CPTM, Renfe sold several units of the 440R series to the Chilean company EFE, which are still in service.

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