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The C-9 of Cercanías Madrid will be closed from 5 May

The Cercedilla-Cotos railway will be closed for a year from 6 May to carry out the complete renovation. If nothing changes, it will be the last day of operation of the 442 EMU.

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In just over a week, the Madrid C-9 Cercedilla-Cotos line will cease to operate due to Adif’s infrastructure renovation works. Sunday, 5 May, will be the last day the veteran 442 EMU trains will be in service on this line.

Renfe confirmed the date this morning, announcing the creation of an alternative road transport plan that will be extended during the service interruption.

The buses that will replace the train will make 5 return journeys a day and stop at Cercedilla, Puerto de Navacerrada, and Cotos stations. You can travel on them with the Renfe recurrent travel card or any valid travel card for the C2 zone. As with the train, you will still need to reserve a seat.

Complete renovation of line C-9

The works for the complete infrastructure renovation will begin next June, according to what Adif confirmed this morning when it announced the tender for the supply of rails and sleepers for 9.5 million Euro.

However, Renfe has told Trenvista that the closure will occur a month earlier to carry out preliminary works such as removing signage.

Adif will renovate the entire line’s superstructure and make several corrections to the route to increase traffic speed. The 14.9 million euro contract was awarded to a joint venture formed by ASCH and Cycasa.

In addition, some trenches will be improved, new retaining walls will be built, and some existing ones will be raised to improve the line’s protection. Level crossings and crossing points between platforms that are level with the track will also be replaced.

Finally, the track layout will be changed at Cercedilla, Puerto de Navacerrada, Cotos and Siete Picos. The latter halt will be fitted out as a crossing point without a commercial stop. The only halt that will return to service is Camorritos.

The works also include renovating the electrification and removing the telephonic block. When the line reopens, it will be equipped with CTC and the GSM-R communication system.

Uncertain future for UT 442

If nothing changes, 5 May will be the last day the 442 series units run in service.

Manufactured between 1976 and 1982, they are Renfe’s second oldest trains, only surpassed by the refurbished 440 series.

Even though the works will be compatible with the circulation of these trains and the interest generated by their preservation, the space in the Cercedilla workshops is only designed for the six trains purchased from CAF and already being delivered.

Therefore, unless a solution is found to enable special journeys made by historic trains on the Ferrocarril Eléctrico del Guadarrama, these works will end this iconic series.

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