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Renfe’s 106 series to be launched on Avlo service on 21 May

Renfe’s Talgo Avril trains will also start operating Avlo services on 21 May, with low-cost inland to Barcelona and AVE inland to Valencia, Alicante and Murcia.

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Renfe has just announced new plans to put the 106 series into service. 21 May was the day chosen to put them into service on the new AVE Madrid-Gijón and Madrid-Santiago-A Coruña/Vigo.

They will also start running on the Avlo Madrid-Cataluña, Madrid-Valencia, and Madrid-Alicante-Murcia that day. To celebrate the occasion, the company has launched a Superprecios campaign for €7 each way.

Avlo Madrid-Barcelona

The arrival of the Avril trains on the Avlo that connects Madrid with Zaragoza, Camp de Tarragona, Lleida and Barcelona will mean an increase of 4,450 seats a week, bringing the total number of seats on offer to 28,450.

Two of the four trains running in each direction and day between the capital and Barcelona will run on Avril trains. They leave Atocha at 6:15 (direct to Barcelona) and 15:30 (stopping at all stations along the route except Guadalajara).

From Barcelona Sants, they will depart at 10:00 (stopping at all stations) and at 20:00 (stopping at all stations except Calatayud).

The rest of the services will continue to be provided with modified series 112 trains.

Series 106 on the Madrid-Valencia Avlo

For this route, Renfe will use Avlo trains with Avlo vinyl but with AVE interiors and fewer seats than the trains designed for low-cost service, as it currently does with the 112 series. With more seats available, the weekly offer will increase to 21,294 seats.

Unlike the Catalan service, all Madrid-Valencia services will be operated with series 106 trains, departing from Atocha at 6:30, 12:30 and 18:30. From Joaquín Sorolla, they leave at 9:32, 15:32 and 21:12. All stop at Cuenca and Requena Utiel.

The Talgo Avril on the Madrid-Alicante-Murcia Avlo

Like the Valencian service, the Madrid-Alicante and Madrid-Murcia service will be operated with 106 AVE trains from 21 May.

The new train will be used on all journeys, departing from Madrid at 6:15 (to Murcia) and 17:00 (to Alicante). From Murcia, it will depart at 10:32 and from Alicante at 11:36 and 21:04. All trains will stop at all stations.

Thanks to the change of material, the number of seats offered on the Madrid-Alicante service will increase to 14,196.

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