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Saba to manage Adif car parks until at least 2034

The company, owned by CriteriaCaixa, will operate the 55 Adif and Adif AV car parks for at least 10 years, with a new management model that benefits infrastructure managers.

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Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad have formalised the award to Saba of the contract to manage the car parks at their stations, which will come into force on 29 July and will run for ten years with the possibility of extension for a further five. The infrastructure managers have introduced improvements in the economic management model.

The contract covers the car parks of 55 General Interest Railway Network (RFIG) stations managed by Adif, which total 22,000 parking spaces. Of these, 23 belong to Adif and 32 to Adif Alta Velocidad. During the contract term, car parks under construction or in the project phase will be added.

This contract has a minimum estimated value of 246.3 million euros. Saba Aparcamientos has committed to invest 61.1 million euros, of which 30.6 million euros will be invested in the first 18 months and the rest between the third and seventh year of the contract. If extended for another five years, the company will make an additional investment of 13.3 million euros.

The new model proposes a rent structure that implies the participation of Adif and Adif AV in the results of the business. The operator will pay a variable income equivalent to 57% of revenues in the first year of activity; increasing by one percentage point each year. In addition, Saba will pay a fixed rent of EUR 42.4 million which, in case of extension, will increase by EUR 21.2 million.

In total, the minimum guaranteed rent for the duration of the contract is EUR 106,5 million and an additional EUR 76,2 million if the extension is executed.

Saba retains management of Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad station car parks

The operator, owned by CriteriaCaixa, the investment arm of Fundación la Caixa, took over the management of Adif’s car park network in 2014. To win this new contract, with which it will keep its biggest customer until at least 2034, it competed with Empark, Indigo, Eysa and iPark.

Saba Aparcamientos will be responsible for the operation of the car parks and the management of collection and control, as well as the maintenance and cleaning of its spaces, elements and facilities.

When consulted by Trenvista, Adif stresses that this contract allows Adif to commercially exploit the car parks most efficiently, with a specialised operator that offers the best customer experience.

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