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Idom to draft a functional study of Zaragoza’s railway network

It will have to analyse the current problems of Zaragoza’s arterial network and the future, after the reopening of international traffic through Canfranc.

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The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility has awarded Idom Consulting, Engineering, Architecture a contract worth 731,808 euros (VAT included) to draft a functional study in Aragon. The aim is to remodel Zaragoza’s arterial rail network and adapt it to the increase in traffic expected due to the reopening of the Zaragoza-Canfranc-Pau international line and other actions that will generate an increase in demand.

The study will focus on characterising the existing problems on the Zaragoza arterial rail network and those that could be generated in the future due to the actions being carried out and planned in this area.

An analysis will also be made of the remodelling needs and the different possibilities for action on the arterial network to help alleviate the problems detected and adapt to future traffic needs.

Special attention will be paid to the urban railway section of Zaragoza, which runs through a tunnel and is one of the busiest sections of the Spanish railway network. This tunnel has an Iberian gauge track and an international gauge track. Traffic is expected to increase due to ongoing and planned works.

The study will also consider the expected increase in passenger traffic resulting from the reopening of the Zaragoza-Canfranc-Pau international line and the need and possibilities for this traffic to stop in the centre of Zaragoza at the Delicias, Portillo, Goya and Miraflores stations.

This project is part of the preparatory actions for reopening the Zaragoza-Canfranc-Pau railway line between France and Spain. It has European funding from the Connecting Europe Facility 2022.

The action responds to the objectives of the Sustainable, Safe, and Connected Mobility Strategy 2030, responding to citizens’ daily mobility needs through sustainable modes of transport from a social, economic, and environmental point of view.

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