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ERTMS level 2 installation awarded on the Murcia-Almeria high-speed line

The award includes the installation of other signalling and safety elements and maintenance for four years.

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Adif Alta Velocidad has awarded a 214 million euro (VAT included) contract for installing and maintaining ERTMS level 2 on the Murcia-Almeria high-speed line and the Pulpí-Águilas branch line.

The successful bidder is the joint venture formed by CAF Signalling, FCC Industrial e Infraestructuras Energéticas and Revenga Ingenieros. Along with deploying the ETCS, the companies will also install the GSM-R, the interlockings, the train protection systems, the detectors for objects falling onto the track and the CTC (Centralised Traffic Control).

The contract covers the 200 km of the Murcia-Almería high-speed line and the branch line between Pulpí and Águilas, which will be used for local trains. In addition, the joint venture will be responsible for the maintenance of the entire system for four years.

3.500 million euros for the Murcia-Almeria high-speed line

The construction of this line, which is part of the Mediterranean Corridor, has been pushed forward. Although there are some stretches in which the platform has been built since 2007, it was not until February 2024 when the last of them was awarded, the passage of the new railway through Lorca.

Adif expects the line to be finished and in service by 2026. It will be part of the Mediterranean Corridor and will allow the circulation of both passenger and freight trains. It will facilitate connections between the entire Mediterranean coast and Andalusia, enabling the creation of a Malaga-Murcia passenger train that does not pass through Madrid.

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